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About the organisation "Bo på Lantgård"

"Bo på Lantgård" is the swedish name for the "Stay on a Farm" organisation. It is a nonprofit organization, which has the aim of supporting the development of countryside tourism. Every member is financially independent and responsible for their own business.

There are two types of countryside tourism – Bed & Breakfast and Self-Catering. The accommodation can be part of the family’s house or a separate building on the farm. Many farms have become year-round small countryside hotels that supplement the host’s regular farming duties. Read more in accommodation and booking.

Most visitors are tourists, but a wide variety of visitors have discovered Stay on a Farm in recent years as an excellent alternative for accommodation when traveling in Sweden.

An important group of visitors are those who come for business, for example salesmen, craftsmen, mechanics, etc who are searching for calm and inexpensive accommodation. Many people have found it to be an excellent alternative to hotels.

The region Skåne

Even though Skåne in Southern Sweden is a small region geographically, it is the largest region within the organisation Stay on a Farm in Sweden regarding number of members. At the moment (2023) we have around 20 members in Skåne. They are all either active farms or situated in an agricultural setting. They vary a great deal, some farms have only crops, others have animals such as cows, sheep, or horses, and some make their income with forestry. Offering Stay on a Farm accommodation is usually a secondary activity on a larger farm.

Nature Experiences and Activities

Our guests usually seek nature activities and chances to breathe the fresh air! The countryside is full of potential experiences and adventure. Many farms offer a variety of activities to guests, including hiking trails, horseback riding, boat rentals, canoe rentals, or bike rentals. Your host can also offer personalized tips on great places to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Kids on the Farm

A farm can be the perfect place for kids as an exciting environment with many fun activities and animals.

In 2006 and 2009 we received the Tourist Prize for best accommodation for children.

Among the reasons for selecting us in 2009 were: Stay on a Farm is much more than a place to stay, it includes a local guide, local food, experiences or relaxation, a great place to stay wherever you go, and a chance to experience another part of Sweden. Stay on a Farm for me is: relaxing, cosy, and an experience in itself, great service for families with kids, the proximity to nature and different types of people make the experience magical, the joy in seeing a child’s eyes glitter, everything you need, good for kids, relaxing and simply the best choice for families.

Reasons for selecting us in 2006: Children (and grownups) need more experiences in countryside living. The variety of offerings with animals. It does the children well in their heart and soul to experience nature. Stay on a Farm takes good care of all types of visitors. There are so many experiences to tell your friends about. All the wonderful animals and the great price. Stay on a Farm is run by real farmers who care that you really enjoy your stay. Children enjoy the animals and open space. There is a great at-home feeling and so much to do. Pleasant and calm accommodation with a lot for the kids to do, and possibilities for us adults to relax in beautiful nature.


The idea for Stay on a Farm began in Skåne in the beginning of the 90’s and the organization in Skåne was founed in 1991/1992.

The organization grew and the national Stay on a Farm organization was founded in 1994.

Do you want to be a host?

Do you have your own farm in Skåne with the possibility to rent out space to guests? You are more than welcome as a member in the Stay on a Farm national organization and in the regional Stay on a Farm in Skåne!

As a member you participate in the marketing strategies and campaigns for Stay on a Farm at both a regional and national level. The hosts in Skåne have their farms described in several languages on the home pages, and There is also the possibility to participate in the yearly catalog as desired. The Stay on a Farm concept is also marketed through advertisements, magazines, and articles.

Classification of your farm gives your guests security when they book.

We have an active regional organization in Skåne and we aim to help each other by referring our guests to collegues when fully booked. Here at the Skåne home page we have an intranet for members so we can easily see where to send guests.

For more information, please read more here Being a Host with Stay on a Farm (swedish).

You’re also very welcome to contact Stay at the Farm in Skåne through email at or contact the national organization Stay on a Farm through the form on the home page.


Bed & Breakfast

You choose the duration of your stay: a night, a few days or a week.

Bedlinen and towels are included in the price, just like any normal hotel. Nice and easy.

More about B&B



Stay in a cottage on the farm or a flat in the host family's house.

You decide your holiday menu - the cottages and flats all have their own cooking facilities.

More about self-catering